4125 Ionised Air Gun

Product Application

The 4125 Ionised Air Gun is our most powerful ionised blow-off gun for dust removal and neutralisation of static electricity.   Amongst other applications, the 4125 Air Gun is used throughout industry to clean mouldings, signs, graphics, lenses, mechanical and electrical assemblies as well as automobile painting, mirrors and windscreens.

Product Features

● External ionisation gives more static neutralisation power. 

● Air nozzle amplifies compressed air by 20:1 for high thrust and cleaning efficiency with minimum air consumption. 

● Ergonomic full-hand trigger for operator control without fatigue.



Product Name                    Ionised Air Gun

Model                                   4125

Construction                        Stainless steel ionisation head and guard, PTFE ionising head, plastic handle, aluminium nozzle.

Cable                                   Purpose designed Hi-Flex HT cable is flexible, light and very durable. Standard lengths of 3 m, 5 m, 7 m and 10 m.

Safety                                  The ionisation system is shockless and meets OSHA and other safety standards, as the nozzle cannot be dead-ended.

Power Unit                          Use with Fraser 5.5 kV or 6 kV Power Units - see separate Datasheets.

Air Supply                           Maximum air pressure 10 Bar. Typical working pressure is 5 Bar. Air consumption at 5 Bar is 560 lit/min for continuous operation. Air must be clean and dry.

Air Connection                  1/4” BSP threaded connection with 8 mm OD push-fit air fitting as standard. Use minimum of 6 mm ID supply pipe. If supply pipe is long use larger ID tubing.

Thrust                                      At 5 Bar the thrust at a distance of 100 mm is a market leading 5.2 N (airspeed x volume which represents cleaning power).

Environmental                       At 5 Bar noise level is 74 dBA, measured at 1000 mm.

Options                                  Air feed to top or bottom of Gun.



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