1250S AC Anti Static Bar

Product Application

Powerful and reliable, the 1250 and 1250-S anti-static bars neutralise static electricity on sheet, web and similar processes throughout the plastics, packaging, converting and related industries across the globe..

Product Features

● Unique stay-sharp emitters at 10 mm pitch for long-term high performance. 

● All live parts encapsulated in epoxy resin for protection, reliability and a long life. 

● Robust construction, shockproof operation.

● Robust construction, shockproof operation.

● Operating distance of 20 – 150 mm from material with best performance within 50 mm.

● Use with Fraser’s range of 5.5 – 6 kV Power Units.

● Certified cleanroom compatible to ISO Class 5 and washable.



Product Name                    AC Anti Static Bar

Model                                   1250S

Size                                       32mm(H) x 20mm(W)

Working Distance                20mm-150mm

Bar Length                           Overall bar length from 60 mm, to 6000 mm.

Environmental                     60 °C maximum temperature. 70 % rH non-condensing max. IP66. Fully sealed.

Options                                  with adjustable mounting studs.



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