3024F Powerful Anti Static Bar

Product Application

The 3024F  Powerful Anti Static Bar is the ultimate static eliminator for machinery manufacturers: compact, with built-in electronics, 24 V DC supply and very powerful performance.  Tested at speeds up to 1300 m/min, the 3024F Static Eliminator provides short range static neutralisation to meet the requirements of high performance machinery..

Product Features

● Operating distance 25 – 150 mm. 

● 25 mm emitter pitch for intense ionisation. 

● Tungsten emitters guarantee an unlimited life, resistively coupled for shockless operation.

● No dead zone: active ionisation length equals physical length of the bar.

● 24 V DC operation, with 11 kV ionising power integrated into bar.

● LED indication of operational status of bar, with duplicate remote signals for PLC or to power external lamps, relays.

● Remote on/off switching.



Product Name                     Powerful Anti Static Bar

Model                                   NEOS-3024F

Size                                       41.5mm(H) x 22mm(W)

Working Distance                100mm-600mm

Weight                                 1.1 kg/m.

Output Voltage                  11KV

Bar Length                           Minimum 250 mm, then steps of 50 mm to 5000 mm(Customizable)

Electrical Input                    24 V DC (21-28 V), maximum current required 0.5 A. M8X4-pin connector.

Environmental                     0 – 55 °C, 70 % rH non-condensing max. IP66.

Options                                  100 – 250 V AC-DC 24 V Power Supply (Part No: E3024-PSU).



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