Logo and Screen Printing

Logo and Screen Printing

Although screen printing is facing a lot of competition from digital printing, it is still an application area where static electricity problems are more serious. We have developed a variety of solutions for screen printing, including sheet feeding, dust on the substrate, screen and printing problems, and stacking problems.

Stacking / feeding

The static electricity on the single sheet becomes very high after drying. This will cause uneven stacking and electric shock to the operator. The common solution is to install the B-205 static elimination bar immediately after the conveyor belt.

Clean sheet

When the bottom film on the back of the plastic sheet is removed, high static electricity will be generated, which is enough to absorb dust 1 meter away.

Screen and printing issues

Problems related to static electricity include ink flying, dust adsorption, and adhesion of screens and substrates.

The traditional solution is to install a short-distance static elimination bar above the squeegee to eliminate the static electricity of the entire printing bed.



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