850 / 850E Anti Static Cord

Suitable for high charges and fast speeds, the 850 / 850E Anti-Static Cord is used in a variety web and sheet applications, as well as in the paper handling, packaging and related industries, where it can typically reduce high charges by 90%.

Fraser Anti-Static Cord can be positioned 2-3 mm above or, where permitted, touching the material to be neutralised.

It is available in two versions:

850 – Standard Anti-Static Cord

850E – Elasticated Anti-Static Cord

850 / 850E Anti-Static Cord must be connected to earth.



Product Name                     Anti Static Cord

Model                                   850/850E

Construction                        100 % conductive microfibre filament cord

Available Lengths               850-on reels of 10 m, 25 m or 300 m/850E-on reels of 10 m



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