HP50 1 Power Unit

Product Application

A compact, low cost power unit, the HP50-1 is designed to serve one Fraser static eliminator.

Product Features

● Conforming to the highest market standards, the HP50-1 provides 6 kV of ionising power on all types of machinery. 

● Low running costs (typically 20 W). 

● The flat-wave high voltage output combines high performance with low electrical stress for long term reliability.

● Exceeds international safety requirements with fully encapsulated windings, current-limited design and automatic shut-down if there is a short on the static eliminator.



Product Name                     Power Unit

Model                                  HP50 1

Construction                        Powder coated steel case. Transformer with fully encapsulated windings

Dimensions (Body)              88.4 x 80 x 125 mm (W x H x L). 130 mm W including mounting bracket

Electrical Output                 6 kV with maximum peak voltage of 7.76 kV. Secondary current limited to 5 mA

Maximum Load                   10 m of combined bar and HT cable



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