Adhesive PP Paper

Product Features

● There is elasticity on the agglomeration layer, which reduces the hardening of the adhesive and maintains the agglomeration for a long time.

● PE is not applied to the base film, and the PVC material will not generate static electricity.

● It is produced with high-quality adhesive film, which can clean the dust of the adhesive silicon roller.

● Each sheet is wound with adhesive tape in a cut state, eliminating the hassle of knife cutting.

● Each sheet is wound with adhesive tape that has been cut to prevent waste of materials when cut obliquely.

● Each sheet is wound with adhesive tape that has been cut, so that dust will not be generated when the tape is removed.

Product Application

The Adhesive PP Paper suitable for surface cleaning of circuit boards, PCBs, LCDs, light guides, electronic semiconductors, film precision printing, etc. Clean glass panels, laminated steel plates, workbenches and other flat surfaces. It can be used with sticky rollers to easily remove all kinds of dust. Particles, efficient and labor-saving, can be used in a thousand and ten thousand dust-free workshops.



Product Name                                  Adhesive PP Paper

Basic Raw Materials                         DATA component

Membrane                                        Polypropylene

Adhesive                                            Polyacrylate

Characteristic                                    Sticky roller

Colour                                                Milky

Width(mm)                                     Customer customize

Internal longitude (mm)                  25.438.15176.5±0.5mm

Crack Extension Factor(%)             More than 300

Tension(Kg/cm2)                             More than 300

Adhesion Strength(g/25mm)         500



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