Dust Removal Sticky Roller

Product Features

● Comfortable grip.

● The fixing frame is strong.

● Rolling bearing rotation is more flexible.

● 32MM large diameter dust removal effect is better.

Product Application

Dust Removal Sticky Roller suitable for surface cleaning of circuit boards, PCBs, LCDs, light guides, electronic semiconductors, film precision printing, etc. Clean glass panels, laminated steel plates, workbenches and other flat surfaces. It can be used with sticky rollers to easily remove all kinds of dust. Particles, efficient and labor-saving, can be used in a thousand and ten thousand dust-free workshops.



Roller Specifications     Roller Length    Roller Diameter     Long Handle     Handle Width

4 inch                           100MM            32MM                   150MM            35MM

6 inch                           152MM            32MM                   150MM            35MM

8 inch                            203MM           32MM                   150MM            35MM

10 inch                          254MM           32MM                    150MM            35MM

12 inch                             304MM             32MM                      150MM             35MM

14 inch                             355MM             32MM                     150MM             35MM



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