EX-715 EX Static Meter

Product Application

The EX-715 EX Static Meter measures static electricity levels from 10 V up to 200,000 V on the surface of a material or body at 100 mm distance.  With a ‘hold’ facility to freeze the reading on the display, the Meter has two automatically selected ranges.

Product Features

● 0 – 20 kV in 10 V increments. 

● 20 – 200 kV in 100 V increments.

The EX-715 shows where and how the static electricity is generated, its magnitude and its polarity.  This gives the engineer a scientific basis for analysis of the static problem, monitoring the efficiency of remedial actions and setting levels for acceptable standards.



Product Name                      EX Static Meter

Model                                   EX-715

Size                                      124 x 64 x 24 mm (H x W x D).

Weight                                 180 g

Range                                   10 V increments and 20 kV - 200 kV

Drift                                     <0.1 % in 10 secs

Environmental                      70 % rH non-condensing max

Equipment                            EX static meters are supplied with carrying case, battery, earth lead and certificate of calibration



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