CD-3000 Web Cleaning System

CD-3000 Web Cleaning System
Web Cleaning System
CD-3000 Double sided Wide Contact Web Cleaning System
Double sided Wide Contact Web Cleaning System

Product Features

● Double sided Wide Contact Web Cleaning System It can be accurately synchronized with the main equipment to ensure that the material is not stretched or scratched, and it is suitable for various thickness materials.

● The sticky paper roll is replaced by a side pull type, no need to stop the machine for replacement.

● Double sided Wide Contact Web Cleaning System whole machine is small in size and easy to install.

● Effective dust removal size 800 mm to 1700 mm (different length specifications can be customized).

● 2 dust removal rubber roller.

● 2 dust collecting roller.

● Optional installation of servo motor synchronization system.

● Optional installation of anti-static equipment.

Product Application

The CD-3000 Double sided Wide Contact Web Cleaning System is an efficient material surface dust removal equipment, mainly for cleaning the surface of the material before coating, printing, laminating, and rewinding. It can quickly and efficiently remove fine dust on the surface of the material and improve product quality.



Product Name                         Double sided Wide Contact Web Cleaning System

Model                                      CD-3000

Size                                          (L+246)mm*280mm*492mm

Dust Removal Roller                2 pieces

Sticky Paper                             2 pieces

Effective Coverage                   800-1700mm

Material Thickness                   0.005mm or more

Speed                                       100m/min

Sticky Paper Replacement Method                     Pull out



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