CL-2500 Narrow Web Clean Machine

CL-2500 Narrow Web Clean Machine
Narrow Web Clean Machine
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Product Application

The CL-2500 Narrow Web Clean Machine is mainly used in the label rotary machine, which can effectively remove dry and non-adhesive pollutants on the surface of the material; it can quickly and efficiently remove the fine dust on the surface of the material and improve the product quality.

Product Features

● The sticky paper roll is replaced by side-pull type, no need to stop the machine for replacement.

Narrow Web Clean Machine small size, easy to install.

● Effective sticky dust size 250 mm to 600 mm (different length specifications can be customized).

● Ultra-low resistance of sticking roller, suitable for material thickness above 0.01 mm.

● 2 dust removal rubber rollers.

● 2 dust collecting rollers.

● 1 set of anti-static equipment.



Product Name                          Narrow Web Clean Machine

Model                                       CL-2500

Size                                            (L+200)mm*150mm*450mm

Dust Removal Roller                 2 pieces

Sticky Paper                              2 pieces

Effective Coverage                   250-600mm

Material Thickness                    0.001mm or more

Speed                                        150m/min

Sticky Paper Replacement Method                     Pull out

Anti Static Method                   2 Anti Static Bars



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