SE-8000 PVC Sheet Dust Removal Machine

PVC sheet dust removal machine
sheet dust removal machine
sheet cleaner

Product Application

The SE-8000 Sheet dust removal machine is mainly used for dust removal on the surfaceof touch panels, polarizers, window printing, circuit boards and other can quickly and efficiently remove dust on the surface of materials andimprove product quality and yield. lt is widely used in the optoelectronic displayindustry and precision printing industry.

Product Features

● At the same time, dedust the front and back of the material, and eliminatestatic electricity on the front and back of the incoming and outgoing materials

● The upper and lower sticky pp paper roll can be replaced by a drawer,and the middle group of glue can be pulled out.

● The thickness of the material can be adjusted, and it is not easy to bendand roll the plate

● Using touch screen and servo motor control, the abnormal situation canbe alarmed and displayed, and the operation is easier and more intelligent



Product Name                          Sheet Dust Removal Machine 

Model                                       SE-8000

Size                                            1430mm*1130mm*1280mm

Dust Removal Roller                 4 pieces

Sticky Paper                              2 pieces

Work Size                                 <1700mm

Material Thickness                    0.1mm - 6mm

Speed                                        0-30m/min

Anti Static Method                   4 Anti Static Bars



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